Challenges in Retention

We know it's imperfect. Care to get involved?

This list was generated in our Retention workshop and is a work in progress in respect of both coverage and quality.

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Career progression & opportunities - Providing opportunities to give back

Career progression & opportunities - Fairly shared opportunities

Career progression & opportunities - Access to opportunities (training and support)

Career progression & opportunities - Removing barriers through the whole pipeline (careers)

Pay & benefits - Career breaks - Normalising pay equality

Pay & benefits - Career breaks - Something for EVERYONE

Pay & benefits - Career breaks - Finding diverse mentors

Pay & benefits - Career breaks - Fostering flexibe working environments

Inspiration & motivation Can't see diversity at the top

Inspiration & motivation - Seeing difference

Inspiration & motivation - Keeping motivation (and happiness) high before it is too late

Inspiration & motivation - Amplyfing voices, positive/success stories

Training & Development - Time to prepare for the future

Training & Development - educating leaders, creating openess of thought

Training & Development - Overcoming imposter syndrome

Training & Development - overcoming learned helplessness

Training & Development - Fostering self-direction, self-sufficency

Training & Development - Knowledge of access to data drive help and research outcomes

Culture - Creating a culture where succeedong is recognised but not over promoted

Culture Culture where it is not a big deal that I got a job (under represented groups/diverse groups) - can be patronising

Culture - Recognising bias and acting upon it (to tackle it)

Culture - Inclusive culture and fostering it

Culture - Letting go of traditional ways of working

Culture - Being open, sharing stories

Culture - Breaking silos

Culture - Physical - working environment

Culture - Being naturally incusive, authentically through and through. Part of the norm.

Culture - Balancing financial risks

Culture - Financial burden/cost of retaining diverse populations

Culture - Starting a start up and getting it right from the start - designing it in.

Culture - Barriers for investing / investment opportunities