Challenges in Recruitment

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This list was generated in our Recruitment workshop and is a work in progress in respect of both coverage and quality.

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Recruitment Practice - Agencies pre-filtering becoming a barrier

Recruitment Practice - Reduction of diversiy issues to a single problem

Recruitment Practice - Unconscious bias

Recruitment Practice - Expectations around skill sets and their value

Recruitment Practice - Backdoor recruitment - who you know etc.

Recruitment Practice - Rigidity in recruitment, not human centric

Recruitment Practice - The consequences of intrducing chnages (to recrutiment processes)

Recruitment Practice - Language in job descriptions

Industry Practice - Need to focus on other areas too - age, mental health etc.

Industry Practice - Making the culture of the organisation more obvious, clear

Industry Practice - Different types of diversity - challenge to address all areas

Industry Practice - Diversity friendly cultures / making it clear

Industry Practice - Fear of putting head above parapet and being shot down

Industry Practice - Ensuring all experiences are included in the D&I conversation

Industry Practice - Attracting diverse populations

Industry Practice - Lack of role models

Industry Practice - Pay gap

Industry Practice - Negative industry perceptions - lead to "its not for me"

Industry Practice - Unconcious biaas

Industry Practice - Unknown value of investing in D&I

Industry Practice - Measuring personal and business benefit

Industry Expectations - Job descriptions expecting too much, not realistic

Industry Expectations - Not being open-mided enough eg haing degrees or not

Industry Expectations - Knowing what we can do, how far we can go to increase diversity - legalities for companies

Industry Expectations - Lack of clarity. lack of understanding - what discrimination is

Industry Expectations - Need for education/training around the issues

Industry Expectations - Harmful attitudes around inclusion issues

Industry Expectations - Industry talking to young people XX

Industry Expectations - Candidate expectations - or not wanting to apply for certain roles (JDs/Specs)

Industry Expectations - Finding candidates

Industry Expectations - Job applicant resilence

Industry Expectations - Need for building soft skills & employability- young people and audits

Socio-economic Status / Situation - Access to opportunity

Socio-economic Status / Situation - Number of women doing Computer Science is low

Socio-economic Status / Situation - Hiring people like themselves

Socio-economic Status / Situation - Unintentional negative perceptions, views and treatment

Socio-economic Status / Situation - Putting peole off

Socio-economic Status / Situation - 2 types of recruitment currently in tech