Challenges in Education

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This list was generated in our Education workshop and is a work in progress in respect of both coverage and quality.

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Institutions - Schools are cutting computer science

Institutions - Teaching Tech

Institutions - Awareness of tech to schools

Institutions - Teaching tech skills embedding or just tech

Institutions - Making the connections that tech covers all industries

Institutions - Devalue tech subjects in schools

Institutions - Problems within education

Institutions - Not tech in isolation - within education

Institutions - Curriculum silos

Institutions - No money in schools

Institutions - How curriculum doesn't move fast enough

Institutions - Very narrow pathway(s) - (2) Key Stage 4 = either Computer Science or i-Media

Institutions - Curriculum doesn't move fast enough

Institutions - School user journey (careers)

Resources and Skills - No experts in careers in the in schools

Resources and Skills - No experts across the board in schools in tech

Resources and Skills - Time for teachers to upskills

Resources and Skills - Work ready skills

Resources and Skills - Work experience / real work experience (lack of)

Resources and Skills - Core / smart skills

Resources and Skills - A in STEM - STEAM (should includes the Arts.

Resources and Skills - What about bootcamps and alternative methods of aquiring tech skills?

Resources and Skills - Career change

Resources and Skills - Lack of CDP for teachers

Resources and Skills - How do apprenticeships work with this?

Experience - You don't have to have 'done tech' (in education) to do tech (as a job) - changers

Experience - Not enough skilled teachers

Experience - Life tech journey xxxx

Experience - Life long learning opps

Experience - CPD for HE

Experience - Person vs expereince vs passion

Experience - Going bback into education as an adult

Experience - Limiting potential pool by not targetting non-compter science students

Influencers - Lack of role models - teachers and industry

Influencers - Lack of positve role models

Influencers - Home environment. No XXX at home

Influencers - Lack of knowledge from parents

Influencers - Media representation of tech people / industry

Industry Expectations and Career - Industry awareness of what is happening in FE/HE

Industry Expectations and Career - Industry does not understand what's happing in schools / how the school system works.

Industry Expectations and Career - Industry taking responsibility

Industry Expectations and Career - Education capacity is limited

Industry Expectations and Career - General education pace change is slow

Industry Expectations and Career - Teachers not keeping pace with industry Tech is across sectors

Industry Expectations and Career - New training routes for new recruits

Industry Expectations and Career - HE relevant curriculum - more industry relevant.

Industry Expectations and Career - Tech skills CORE to most jobs in the future

Industry Expectations and Career - How do we get career ready employees?

Industry Expectations and Career - Teachers don't know about tech jobs

Industry Expectations and Career - Visibility of careers

Industry Expectations and Career - Fast pace change of tech careers and opportunities (wild west)

Industry Expectations and Career - People hire from traditional education. Not always the case.

Industry Expectations and Career - Company risk aversion

Socio-economic Situation - Social ability XXXXXXX

Socio-economic Situation - Visas / being an immigrant

Socio-economic Situation - Role models

Socio-economic Situation - Phsychological barriers

Socio-economic Situation - Stigma / questons XXX education XXXX

Socio-economic Situation - Not class XXXX

Socio-economic Situation - Social pressure XXX

Socio-economic Situation - Imposter syndrome xxx

Socio-economic Situation - Lanuguage / accent barriers

Socio-economic Situation - Digital Exclusion